Send Reminders

Your time is valuable - you have better things to do than to copy and paste lists of data.

If you are a Apple Reminders user, check out Send Reminders. It allows you to quickly and easily export your Reminders and send the list of Reminders to another device with AirDrop, send by Messages or Mail, or Save to Files.

Tap a button to create a CSV file of your Reminders that you can send to multiple destinations.

Get the file in your email inbox or files, and then open it up in a spreadsheet app for analysis, or to bring into another application.

Available now on the App Store.

Get a file of your Reminders in a few simple steps.

Simple by design.

How many buttons are on the home screen?


No - just one!

Tap it to start.

The Home Screen is a clean and simple place to get started. Tap the Button.

Reminders uses the Activity View.

Select where you want to send your Reminders File.

Send Reminders uses the Activity View to select from a number of options for your Destination.

Get your File.

Your File is available to use wherever you send it.

For example, if you select the destination by email to your Google Gmail email address, you can click on the attached file and open it in Google Sheets, or download it to review in Apple Numbers or Microsoft Excel.

The world is your oyster.

Do what you like with your file.

Send Reminders data is Private.
Your Reminders are your Reminders.
Your data is your data.

We have no access to the data you create in Send Reminders.
Your Reminders data is only sent where you want it to go.